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29th Nov 2002, 14:34
This place is deader than Mrs Molenski, so I thought I'd brighten it up a little by posting some fanart of Minoko and Lucy.



29th Nov 2002, 23:09
Cool Pic Suzie.

I can see the title for PE2 "The ghost of Mrs. Molenski"

30th Nov 2002, 23:32
Nice pic suzie!

I like your title Runtime :)

All we need to do now is convince Eidos to make a PE2 :)

1st Dec 2002, 16:21
thanks you two :)

two posts in as many days... an all time record for here, I think... ^^;

1st Dec 2002, 21:36
I think we're the only one's in the PE comunity

all 15 of us :D

I got like 980+ posts. All made in this section of the eidos forums (the project eden catagory). Now thats cool :cool: :)

1st Dec 2002, 22:56
Glad you feel that way. Some would find it to be kind of scary. ;) I mean, I come here sometimes, Gen Com, and all the TR Forums here, and I only have 600+ posts.

2nd Dec 2002, 03:59
Wow. I try to be on this section atleast once a day. And we've got like 10 conversations going. that gets lots of posts :)

Good investment ;)

2nd Dec 2002, 20:11
I emailed Core about a sequel a while back, and the polite man who replied (their PR man, whose name escapes me) said that there wouldn't be one in the forseeable future, as all their teams were tied up doing other games :(

(namely, TR6 + TR7... yeesh, they have a lot of faith in that franchise. If it all caves in... o.O)

2nd Dec 2002, 22:57
Originally posted by SuzieCroft
(namely, TR6 + TR7... yeesh, they have a lot of faith in that franchise. If it all caves in... o.O)

Like people are going to stop liking Lara. :rolleyes:

3rd Dec 2002, 05:48
It could happen. :)

I heard they're making a TR 34851869789302850918450587376596328593

It should be released some time next eon ;)

3rd Dec 2002, 19:07
Well, it could happen, though it's highly unlikely.

... :)

4th Dec 2002, 02:04
Lara could be played by Micheal Jackson :D

4th Dec 2002, 03:28
Originally posted by mrdefender
Lara could be played by Micheal Jackson :D
Moderator ban mrdefender for even suggesting that.

No forums for you... 2 years. :D

4th Dec 2002, 04:14
Sure. that would give you guys time to catchup to me and rook :D

But if u punish me, you'll be punishing rook. Cause who else would talk to rook if im gone? I dont see alot of people chatting on the general PE forums :)

ball of hay floats across the room

10th Dec 2002, 22:20
hay... yum

11th Dec 2002, 00:21
ill grab ya a fork :)

26th Dec 2002, 16:37
Originally posted by mrdefender
Lara could be played by Micheal Jackson :D

I can see that making her more popular.........

27th Dec 2002, 01:05
Originally posted by Data
I can see that making her more popular.........
More popular then a wart :rolleyes:

27th Dec 2002, 02:52
He played in MIB 2. At the begining of the movie.

(not beginning beginning but about 20-30 mins into the movie)

7th Jan 2003, 01:34
and they muted him, i think. :) :) :) or did they just cut off the comm line while he was talking?
either way... woo hoo!

it did kind of sound like they were setting project eden up for a potential sequel with the character bios, what with carter not looking forward to retiring and so on.

maybe they feel their sales weren't "large" enough to warrant a sequel just yet... when it came out for the ps2 it had alreday been out for awhile on the pc (which i didn't know). but there were no ads.. no fanfare.. stores barely got it in, and if they did, they put it near the bottom shelves (how ironic). and then it didn't sell, so they just started knocking the prices down and down and down.

7th Jan 2003, 03:55
Yes. Public Relations dept. could've done a better job. (or is it called sales management for games? .. the ppl incharge of promoting the product..)

And yes, Z hung up on Jackson in MIB2 :)

Everyone (saw it in theather) laughed so hard, we missed about 10 seconds of dialog :)