View Full Version : Janos, Kain and the heart of darkness.

29th Nov 2002, 12:04
Quite sure this has been discussed before,but a theory on the IGN Legacy of Kain board made me start wondering again:

Janos is alive in BO2, so assumingly Raziel restored him after the end of SR2 (That is prior to BO1). But Kain had to use the heart of darkness on himself in BO1.
How is it possible for him to do that, if Janos was already restored? (Kain would have died quite early on in BO1 if it wasn`t for the heart in my case).:D

How can they be alive at the same time?:confused:

30th Nov 2002, 16:34
Same way that one soul can exist as two separate entities at the same time; I'm talking about Raziel and Soul Reaver(wraith blade, the essence in the Reaver) of course.
When tampering with the timelines, anything is possible, even seemingly paradoxical events and existances.

And sometimes those paradoxes are even required for certain historical events to occur.

Dark Dragon
1st Dec 2002, 17:53
i agree with morte