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Lara's Soul
29th Nov 2002, 06:58
How can I make to not hear the sound that makes in game Lara_Double from cleopal.WAD?

29th Nov 2002, 07:17
If you want to delete a sound you can use WADmerger (sound manager).

If you want to change a sound with a different one: psiko gave a little step by step here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8737). ;)

Lara's Soul
29th Nov 2002, 16:23
When I click a sound it says me "Can't delate sounds".

30th Nov 2002, 10:20
It's not the Lara Double who makes the sound but the animation around it, I think. But I haven't tested the Laras Double on its own without the animating, so you propably know better... :rolleyes:

1st Dec 2002, 01:19
You can always lower the sound volume to the zero in order it does not play anymore with sound forge 4 or higher :)

Anyhow the sound file is a looped one: if I am correct and if I remember well (for hackers problem I never connect with my PC so I cannot be more specific than this, forgive me) it is the L-metal or L-vander file into the sound folder. If not, you can easily browse there to find it.

Once found and before to lower its volume to the zero, wh don't you hthink to use it in a different way? :) for example, you could have a machine nearby, or something else.. you can create a nice sound effect :)

but if you still really don't want it neither to be in the wad or in the TR4 file, you have few chances:

1) or you delete the sound line from the anim command in the options box in trviewer directly from the TR4 file (the line containing the "5" command -check if the line you are going to delete is correct simply listening the sound ID named there), then put the object inside a wad with TRwest.

2) or you put away that object from your wad, name the wad in a different way and substitute the old SFX and SAM files with the new ones, because they will miss the association to the Lara-double object sound, but that same object will be inside the previous wad :)

There could be the chance your wad "still" keeps a sort of "memory" of that sound, so you can only lower it with an sound editing program, or substitute it with a mute file of few KB's in a compatible format.

Lara's Soul
4th Dec 2002, 17:22
Thanks :)