View Full Version : How do i Make My own Custom baddie? Is there A tutorial?

29th Nov 2002, 05:04
G'day mates,

I want to make a Baddie for my leval But am perplexed as where to start, A few Thing I think I know are;

For instance I want a Rather largeish Boss type baddie,so I guess I use one of the bigger baddie slots Like demigod1;- is this correct or can they be placed in any enemy slot?

When I make The new baddie it is going to have to have the same amount of meshes as the original;- Demigod1 has 21 meshes, so I guess the new one will need 21 meshes?

What I dont know is;-

Are the Vertices for the joints all going to have to be the same as the original?

How do I make the weapon/s work?

How can I edit the animations?

Which is the best TRLE tool/s to use to acheive this? ( I have most of the editing ones)

Is ther a tutorial allready written about this?

Cheers in Advance

29th Nov 2002, 05:47
Well, there's a little bit of info here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10032). ;)

29th Nov 2002, 06:34
Thanx Again Collin :D

I am copping that to my Note pad and will Begin my experiment Mwahahahahaha:cool: