View Full Version : Life is strange(Android) critical bug at episode 5, Nightmare chapter

17th Oct 2018, 09:52
I have Asus Zenfone 5z(snapdragon 845).
I have crush at those long corridor with rooms. After i talked with kate, took a key, passed all need rooms(rachel,victoria etc) i am again have Max's clothes and i look as Max. So i need to go into Max's room(219 as i remember). When i open the door 219 i see long corridor with people moving like rewinding tape. And here i have crash. I cannot complete game because after it game restarts and crashes again at same scene. I tryed everything, restarted nightmare chapter, restarted from chapter previous to nightmare and i still have that bug.
If you need savegame file to reproduce that error or any information just tell me and i will send it to you.