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16th Oct 2018, 15:19
Finally a version that is remotely close to a tomb raider title.
The 2013 version is a fun action game but not many tombs to raid and in my view too much action. I could accept the dark theme for telling an origin story. People complained about the action and that the ledges should not be painted white.

Then Rise of the tomb raider came long and it started off well but quickly diminished once you are in Russia. Seeing the grey looking surroundings all the time, even in a forest, using the same traps over and over again, the revelation of the supernatural beings was exactly the same as in the 2013 version and again we had white ledges and too much action, where again people complained about it. Also the story was nothing amazing and Lara was more whining to achieve her goal and the ridicules boss fight at the end was just cringe worthy. The DLCs were dreadful by having a call off duty zombie mode that did not fit at all to the franchise. The only good DLC was the saving the manor part and maybe the baba yaga.

Now Shadow of the tomb raider is out were finally the main issues have been addressed. The white ledges are optional now and the combat has been drastically turned down to more exploration and puzzle solving. And yet, people complain now that there is not enough combat? Seriously?
Also the stupid grey filter has been removed, giving the environment more colours. The jungle looks amazing, the details, the atmosphere, the animals such as parrots and other wildlife, give it an authentic jungle feeling. Obviously there are some restrictions with exploration, but the hubs are big enough to explore if you aim for a 100%. The hidden city was rich on details and life that it was a delight to run around and explore every corner of it.
People also demanded that Lara should be able to explore underwater more and we got that. Some parts under water are big and at times beautiful to look at, until the piranhas come along.
The puzzles are nothing special but having the white ledges and hints turned off, there are moments that require some thinking, especially the challenge tombs.
The antagonist was addressed a bit differently that made him in some way interesting. Lets say he had the right motive but did not think clearly about it.
Again, we can dress up Lara with a wide variety of clothing, many of them that have some benefits like caring more ammo, gaining more XP, harder to see by enemies.
The range on weapons is fair to say and each can be upgraded with the plenty of resources that can be found or bought.
What was nice that we can play as a child Lara (who sounds more British than Camilla), by exploring and solving some puzzles at Croft manor.
A nice little addition to the climbing was that you can robe yourself down to reach other areas.
The side missions are a nice and creative to some degree. In the hidden city, it is related to their culture, which was interesting to hear about.
Jonah this time has a much bigger part in it and having him along in a very few parts was a delight and he was also more established than in the previous title.
Combat has its improvements such as hiding in a wall after smearing mud on you or using the bow to hang up your enemies on a tree branch.
Also the new enemy type was in a way scary. They were fast and aggressive and kind of creepy to look at. Especially the sounds they make by hearing them but never seeing them until the revelation, which is not Lara dangling of a ledge and something falls down on them as in the previous 2 games.

The parts that were not so delightful, that constant hints, such as how to perform a swan dive or how to unlock a chest were frequently appearing, even towards the end of the game.
Weapons are quickly upgraded to max.
Lara still does not have her dual pistols.
Some natives, who cut them self-off from the outside world, knew surprisingly well English, even when wandering around the city; they speak in their native tongue.
The boss fights were rather simplistic, even the final boss battle. Was more running away to avoid his massive powers but otherwise shoot until you can stab him with the knife. Still, a far better fight than what Rise offered.
At times there is a bit too much climbing that is slow to watch.
No mention about Sam or Reyes or any of the characters from the 2013 version, especially Sam, who Lara was attached to. It is like they expected everyone to have read the book and the comics, that started off well but followed the same formula by saving Sam and not much tomb raiding.

General conclusion is that it is a fun game. It is more tomb raider, more immersive and has a stable conclusion for Lara and who she is. While it has its flaws, the gameplay is good. I never had a single issue with the game since day 1. Performance wise it ran smoothly on max settings and no problems playing with M&K.
But if you expect the same kind of action driven game with less puzzles and more combat, stick with the previous 2 instalments.

29th Oct 2018, 08:53
So in general, is it worth it to pay 60$ for this game? Because I don't get it, almost everybody see the game from negative perspective.

29th Oct 2018, 14:24
So in general, is it worth it to pay 60$ for this game? Because I don't get it, almost everybody see the game from negative perspective.

because they complain about that the game was on sale after a month of release. like they were forced to buy it on day one.
and as mentioned: the lack of combat is a major problem for them.

on the steam forum, one guy complained about that the jaguars being wrongly portrait. so all the other animals throughout the series are all fine but jaguars was a problem.
so yes, the game gets hammered down for the dumbest reasons.

29th Oct 2018, 23:07
Not quite on the same page. More tombs? A bit. For me, "Rise" didn't fall off in Russia at all; in fact I got much more re-play out of it than I can see with "Shadow" right now. More fighting was better in "Rise", "Shadow" suffers with not enough. The story in "Rise" was really quite good, more cohesive than "Shadow". Have to agree I didn't really do the DLC in "Rise" other than the story-related content. As for visuals, no, the graphics are lower-res than "Rise" as I don't have Xbox One X, just an S. Yes, there's a lot to do in the game, I do agree there. Regarding speech, I'm English, please don't suggest Camilla Luddington sounds less British than the younger version, she doesn't, she just has an eye-rolling tendency to use North American English phraseology instead of English (I do not mind North American English but Lara IS supposed to be English). The side-missions and information about culture were interesting but nonetheless felt a bit arbitrary to me, shoe-horned in. I did like the mud-smearing stealth-killing stuff, too, that was a good addition, probably the only serious improvement. I don't care about dual pistols but some of your gripes I also found annoying. I agree it's a fun game. I prefer "TR" from 2013 and "Rise" was much better.

14th Nov 2018, 08:08
So in general, is it worth it to pay 60$ for this game? Because I don't get it, almost everybody see the game from negative perspective.

It is a very good game. Individuals come to forums to air-out problems or seek clarification about things they don't understand. -- Don't misinterpret that process as being negative of their enjoyment of the game. If they didn't care, they would not come here to seek help with associated problems.

There is no better metric for how terrible media is than silence. Drumming up controversy (a la The Last Jedi) is not the same thing as involvement and activity.

Therefore, fully recommend this game to you, especially if you have enjoyed the narrative. Some of the very best "monents" of the entire series, exist in this game. In some ways it just keeps on giving, the more one explores.

I hope that trend continues, for the life of the title. So far, so good.