View Full Version : Update 1.05 issue - Side Missions

12th Oct 2018, 21:16
The issue first occurred when I updated to 1.05. When I am in the Hidden City and select Side Missions, I get a title and a list of Side Missions. The title says Cozumel(?). Is the list of Side Missions for Cozumel or Hidden City?

12th Oct 2018, 22:15
Based on stuff I read at tombraiders.net I think this is a general glitch and is not important; doesn't change game-play.

15th Oct 2018, 20:27
Richardsmith. Thank you for your comment. I need to know if, when am in Hidden City and select Side Missions, and I get a title and a list of Side Missions, and the title is Cozumel (?), is the list of Side Missions for Hidden City or Cozumel?

16th Oct 2018, 06:30
I'm playing on Xbox but presume the same applies elsewhere. Not in front of me right now but I think the side-missions "tab" always has "Cozumel" at the top all the time regardless of where Lara is, it always lists all side missions that have been started in all areas, and it reads "Cozumel" when scrolling through the list if I remember rightly regardless. There are ticks if they're done and therefore can be ignored. I think they only get added to that "tab" once they've been started, the game doesn't tell you anything about them before then (other than the count in the map). Cozumel has no side-missions anyway, which makes the bug mildly amusing.