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10th Oct 2018, 21:13
I updated the game last night and noticed, Lara speaks in the left audio channel only, other characters, enemies and certain SFX are right channel only. Leaving ambient noises still stereo. Sound was just fine until I updated the game. Its a bit hard to fight enemies if I cant hear where they went. Would like to know what has happened, thats all.

10th Oct 2018, 23:16
Playing on a Ps4 pro, on LG oled 65b7

All npc dialog and object base sound effects are only playing out of the right channel. Even when Jonah is on the left side of the screen, his voice only comes from the right side. Even major sound effects, like trees russling or gears turning for a puzzle - sound only comes from the right side.

Music, Lara and other ambient sound play fine. Doesn't matter if I use headphones through the controller or my stereo or the tv output.

I've tried setting 5.1, 7.1, stereo pcm. I've restarted the console, started a new game. I even reinstalled from scratch and played a new game post patch installation.

The issue is triggered at the start of the game when you see the day of the dead celebration. Before that point the audio is perfect. Then once the day of the dead cut scene finishes you can hear Jonah's voice from the right channel. After that point you can talk to the NPCs or even listen for the children setting off the fireworks - all stuck in the right channel.

Even after that point, simply listen for the campfire locations. The crackling fire only comes from the right audio channel

I've sent it to square enix customer support, but this game seems like it's been sent out to die

11th Oct 2018, 10:25
I'm having same problem on PS4 Pro. I have been playing through with my headset and one of the things that had really impressed me was the audio detail within this game, truly outstanding work.

After the latest update the audio is absolutely terrible and has completely ruined my experience since the update. I am about 80% of my way through the story and no longer feel engaged with what is happening on screen. What makes this so frustrating was the audio was perfect before the update.

11th Oct 2018, 19:18
Please everyone send a ticket in to square enix customer service https://support.na.square-enix.com/

11th Oct 2018, 19:48
I am also having a sound related issue.

It seems like all the front channels are flipped to the rear surround channels and visa versa? That or everything plays from the rear's. The front center channel seems to output Lara's dialog just fine, as well as all Jonah's dialog.

PS4 Pro
Tried both Dolby and DTS, same issue.

13th Oct 2018, 01:30
Good day... I am also suffering from the same audio issue as everyone else here, already submitted a ticket the other day.

My game has been experiencing faulty audio ever since the latest patch (1.05) was installed. Most sounds are now only coming from the right audio channel, little to nothing from the left. I am using a 5.1 surround system, but the issue also prevails with headphones instead of speakers. Changing the console settings achieved nothing. Examples of sounds from the right include among others:

- any source of sounds in the environment (crackling fire, water splashing, animals, etc.)
- any form of NPC dialogue (random chatter, talking directly to them, etc.)
- item sounds (picking stuff up, crafting items, etc.)
- enemies in general (talking, killing them, shooting, etc.)

In all of the aforementioned cases does it happen, the right audio channel is always dominant. This greatly ruins immersion, and also increases the difficulty of combat, as the exact location of enemies can no longer be pinpointed accurately. There are thankfully exceptions, all of the cut-scenes as well as most sounds / noises coming directly from Lara herself appear to be totally fine. They are unfortunately outweighed by the amount of faulty sounds, especially in crowded areas such as the hidden city.

Strangely enough it seems that in my case only the hidden city as well as areas around and beyond are affected by this issue. Most areas that came before the hidden city seem to have normal audio without issues, however, it still feels wrong at times.

This should be fixed immediately, especially because the latest patch might be entirely to blame for it. How this slipped past the team is beyond me. Another patch would be greatly appreciated - and soon rather than later.

13th Oct 2018, 13:47

On my surround sound (5.1 DTS) since 1.05, it sounds like Lara's voice is reading the documents from the rear speakers, and the directional sound (i.e. the wolves' howl/growl should be audible in the general direction of the speaker when you rotate the camera to where they are).

If they are behind me - they should be heard in the rear speakers but they are now heard in all 5

Also the general audio is tending to lean to the right channels

13th Oct 2018, 19:47
Replying for visibility. Hopefully we can some acknowledgement on the problem.

13th Oct 2018, 19:56
Apparently the dev read this forum http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=221187&page=48
Please post here too

14th Oct 2018, 00:44
Square enix support has followed up by stating the issue is potentially a scratched disk. The support is comical and absolutely pathetic. No hope for this company. Now I know to stay away from Square enix products. They do not have the capability to support their products.