View Full Version : your game is bug riddled joke .....

10th Oct 2018, 13:13
having slogged through ng+ on deadly obsession difficulty to the final boss (no checkpoints was a dumb idea and not a substitute for actual difficulty) the game has now broken.

I break the three statues to release him so i can actually fight him but he doesn't get released. I can run around and kill all the enemies but the boss stays firmly in his impenetrable bubble. It worked on normal difficulty!

All the orange streams have gone but not the shield.

I apologise if there are spoilers here but I doubt anyone is coming to this forum to say how much they enjoyed the game and hows flawless there experience was.

Already had the Dr Croft trophy bug out cause i didn't receive a story related pamphlet and now this.

I know i am only one person and nobody cares but just dont f-ing release a game until its ready.

rant over shadow of the tomb raider straight to the trade in shop .