View Full Version : Still Freezes at Weapons Upgrade menu on Xbox :(

9th Oct 2018, 04:32
I was happy to see the patch today, but it didn't solve my problem with the game freezing each time I use a campfire... I really love the game so far but I can't progress without upgrading my items, hoping maybe someone has found a fix, or there is one on the way? I really don't want to ask for a refund :'((

Glitch details: As soon as I sit at the campfire I can't back out of the menu; however, I can use skills freely. If I fast travel I can play without having to close the game, but if I select upgrades the game freezes and must be force closed. This happens at all campfires I have uncovered so far.

Tried: Uninstall/reinstall, update console, uninstall DLC, changing various game options...