View Full Version : {Game-Breaking Bug} Tree of Life Challenge Tomb

9th Oct 2018, 01:31
So after finishing the Tree of Life Challenge Tomb, I followed the route to get out of the tomb. When I came to the destructible wall you have to break to get back to the base camp, I realized that the square prompt was missing and without it, I can't break the wall. I contacted Square Enix support on this almost 2 weeks ago and got zero response from them expect the email saying they'll get to my ticket within 48 business hours. And I've already tried backtracking the way I came in but I can't get out that way. I even got a replacement copy from Amazon just in case it my copy of the game specifically but that didn't fix anything. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? I really want to finish the game but I have been unable to play it for 2 weeks now.

12th Oct 2018, 19:54
Hm . . . not sure what's going on there. There is no way back as far as I can tell. The two options are to wait for a fix or to start a new game. The latter is almost certain to be faster. Best of luck!