View Full Version : Paititi final side-quest bug

7th Oct 2018, 15:18
Hello. I just got back from San Juan. When talking to Uchu, there's dialogue about the Champion's Bow but no markers appear. Going to the relevant area via the high-board exit point doesn't trigger anything, the bow is visible but no Nahual appears. Reloading does not alter the situation.

Apparently I'm not alone, this has been noted at laracroftonline.

I did get some odd things in the Paititi side-missions, the investigation one showed up with an exclamation mark after it had finished until I went into the oil fields. Also the discussion and reward for the Saviour's Amulet repeated when talking to Uchu before going to San Juan. The dialogue changed after San Juan to include the Bow quest speech.

Any workarounds? Input from Nixxes/Square Enix/Eidos on this (or any other bug) would be good.

12th Oct 2018, 16:09
It looks like this has been fixed with the update on 8th October.