View Full Version : Kill the Jaguar w/Jonah before city SoTR

4th Oct 2018, 21:53
I notice what I consider a glitch. PC version
I am playing on hard level below deadly obsession.
After killing the first jaguar (with its mate there), there was plenty of trees and feathers to make more arrows but
Before Jonah and Lara get to first city, they go through an opening and Lara gets clawed in the back by the Jaguar.
There are enough healing plants but no trees or feathers and...once you run out of arrows the cat attacks and swipes you till you die over and over. Since I only had a few arrows I ran out quick and even with 3 head shots the cat wont jump on me allowing me the option to kill it. Some times he knocks Lara down and the animation gets to the point of you hitting the E key to knife the cat but...after you wait till the inner circle is cleared i die, if hitting the E key before the inner circle I die, there is no way I can hit the E key without dieing over and over and I dont think I should have to reset it to easy level to get past this. Put some arrow making materials in the area.

Fixed it. When running around the areas looking for the "grab item" signs didn't notice an arrow quiver near the doorway I entered from and there was one other quiver in one of the upper levels. After picking up the quiver, shot him a few more times and he died without the fight scene needing to engage.
Still getting attacked at the very entrance doesn't exactly give you time to search the area.