View Full Version : SPOILER ALERT - Main outfit tear up, destroy, wounds, dirt, mud, doesnt show properly

3rd Oct 2018, 03:36
Like the title says, The Lara`s main outfit doesnt tear up properly, Lara`s outfit and skin doesnt get dirty and muddy or wet and doesnt show blood either. Before beating the second Jaguar of the Jaguar duo on Peru, Lara gets a Mayor wound on her back that tears up her mains outfit back and Jonah tend to her wounds but after, she look ok "wounded ok" until I went to a camp and I change her outfit for the Jaguar cloack one, and then back to the main one; Right after that she looked like new. I played another playthrough with her wearing the commando outfit and was dissapointed becouse she was always pristine and was really weird watching her complaying about a wound that wasnt there. This seriously is ruining the game inmersion. Any other cases so far of the same problem?

3rd Oct 2018, 10:35
I noticed that too. I wonder what happens if you don't change outfits after Jaguar attack