View Full Version : [BUG][PS4]Path of the living - puzzle issue

1st Oct 2018, 22:30
i'm stuck in the path of the living part of Kuwaq Yaku section.
I'm arrived into the temple when you must solved the puzzle.

I made all the right combination for the first 4 blocks of each puzzle column.

But for the last of each one you need to have a call from Jonah.
The first one is triggered without any issue and he triggered a Lara sentence where you must look a Maya picture to find the last number of the left column (which the 0)
Then.... Nothing....
Jonah must calling you back to say the second number (which is 7) but nothing happens here... Even if I put the good one, the door triggers the trap instead of open itself.

Any idea, I already tried to suicide to restart the sentence exchange between Lara and Jonah but nothing worked...

For me it's clearly a showstopper cause you can go further in the game with this one !

Please Square do something :/

5th Oct 2018, 06:42
The left side stack is all "0"s (look like hamburgers) as shown on the wall after you climb across and press the stones in the round mandala.
The right side you can test each one of the 5 options or Jonah will call you and tell you what the 5th number is.
After setting the left you run down the center mandala and push the stones, immediately turn around and jump/run back to where you set the stack of stones and the floor falls away on you. Change your option rinse and repeat.