View Full Version : Shadow of Tomb Raider XBOX One Crash - Advice request

30th Sep 2018, 13:24
What do I do if the game crashes every time I go to a camp and select Weapons upgrade from the Camp options. I think I am stuck as I cannot pick up / collect any more stuff because Lara is "full to the brim..." :)

No other options cause a crash, fast travel and skills upgrade. However when choosing "Weapons" the system freezes I cannot select weapons, move anywhere, escape from that page, no buttons work. I have to restart my Xbox and start the game again.

Is this a refund or wait for bug fix? I have done the following

1. Hard Re set XBOX
2. Delete and Reinstall game on XBox one twice.
3. Chosen another camp site x 4
4. Chosen another save location in the game.
5. Checked the disc for errors.
6. Made sure Xbox running latest soft and Tomb Raider has had the latest update.
7. Sent two emails to the developers email address.

Not experienced any game crashes ever before really other than the odd, restart your console type scenario.

Can you please help