View Full Version : just cause 3 question about installation

29th Sep 2018, 12:56
Hello, I have purchased JUst Cause 3 and I have a problem when installation starts.
It asks to enter the Produck KEy, but when I enter it it says "key not valid"
Which key is at first needed to be entered? The DVD pack has two Product keys , the one is at the front of the box (inside), and the second is behind the last DVD. I entered the first key. Thank you for the information.
The second key says it is for the steam account. During the installation , the first Key to be entered is the Product Key? Or the steam Key? Thank you

29th Sep 2018, 13:00
I entered many times the producy key and it is locked now. It says too many attempts, try again later...How much time do I have to wait until it opens again? 2-3 hours or less? Thank you for the information