View Full Version : What was the purpose of patch 1.04? Did not fix bugs!

27th Sep 2018, 15:07
I was happy to see that patch 1.04 went out, but I don't know what it fixed. I still have the same problems on PS4:

1. The cache for the "four brothers" monolith will not appear in the Hidden City.
2. The "Champion Bow" mission will not work.
I am at 99.76% completion and am dead in the water with this game for almost a week now. Please fix this!

Can we please get some feedback from Square Enix sources/devs? I have not heard back from support, this forum, and twitter. Nothing. The game is broken and is not working correctly. Please provide feedback why this is happening and how and when it can be fixed. Thank you.

27th Sep 2018, 15:16
guess you've to start a complete new playthrough to get work all things properly .....
I've started my fourth ! new playthrough with Patch 1.04 today, till now it works properly but I ll see ........
Best regards

27th Sep 2018, 17:57
Here's the deal...there IS NO WAY I am starting a new game (even with the game+, the option that should have been available since the first TR) and going through all that trouble again, at a harder level, to get ALL of the collectibles again. I am missing ONE due to a glitch, and ONE challenge that will not work. So either Square Enix responds and fixes this quickly, or then I will get a refund for the game, and make everyone that I can influence fully understands their shenanigans, indifference (ignoring legitimate issues and asking for help), and releasing a game that you can't fully complete.