View Full Version : Where can i find monster Gryphon? (MID GAME)

26th Sep 2018, 08:53
Hello everyone, I'm Biagio87 and DD lover.

I'm looking for Gryphon's enemy in the middle of the game, but I can not find it. The guides I saw say he is in the ocean, but I have yet to meet one. Whoever saw it, did you see it? It's just "Gryphon" and not "Vicious War Gryphon". If I can, I've also put a picture to let you know which monster it is. I tried several minerals at sea, but unfortunately I could not find it.

Can you help me please? I have level 64 heroes so much that I'm standing in the sea !! 😭 😭 😭

Forgive my English, I'm an Italian boy.