View Full Version : Cenote escape glitch

24th Sep 2018, 21:04
Is anyone else having a problem during the "empty handed" mission where you have to escape the cenote? Right after the cutscene ends where you find the box is missing and the chase sequence starts, I get auto killed almost the second I can control Lara again. On lower difficulties, this annoying but not an issue because it just warps me a little further ahead, but on Deadly Obsession where there are no checkpoints outside of the campfires, its a whole different story.

I literally cannot progress in the game because of this glitch.

Please halp!

24th Sep 2018, 21:08
shoot, should have also mentioned that I'm playing on the PS4 and have the ultimate edition

24th Sep 2018, 22:00
shoot 2.0: I tried again, this time while recording to have footage of the glitch in action, aaaaaand it didn't happen... sooooooo I guess never mind.