View Full Version : Possible reason why Artifacts get ignored/stuck?

24th Sep 2018, 20:00
I've noticed you can complete "Ancient Languages" (all 3 tiers of each 3 Ancient Languages); far sooner than you can collect all "Artifacts".

Many of the "Relics" and "Doccuments" contribute to Ancient Languages and might not be recognised as "acquired" status, if there is no more "%" left in any of the Ancient Language tiers.

Would it be possible, in the next patch (or sooner "hotfix") to add an indexing routine to check acquisition meta for completion stats?

I picked up several missed Doccuments and a Relic in the "San Juan" region. After all 3 tiers of all 3 Ancient Languages were completed. This has resulted in Artifact "paths" being incompleted despite having the required pieces.

Some notable fixtures/points of interest, also fail to trigger associated dialogue (or whatever) after all Ancient Languages are completed as well. I feel like they are connected.

Hope this helps! :)

25th Sep 2018, 02:36
The reason Artifacts doesn't get added to the collection is because you have reached the max calculated shared inventory storage (which includes Weapons, Attachments, Outfits, Equipments, Artifacts).

So if you have too many Weapons, Attachments, Outfits and Equipments, you may not be able to collect all Artifacts. If you have too many Artifacts, you may not be able to collect all Weapons, Attachments, Outfits and Equipments.

There are 260 Artifacts. I think the maximum shared inventory storage is 332, if that's correct, the total amount of Weapons, Attachments, Outfits and Equipments you can have must be under 72 to be able to get all Artifacts in the collection.

You can still pick up Artifacts after reaching the maximum shared inventory storage, but they won't register in the Artifact Collection list.

25th Sep 2018, 13:33
You can still pick up Artifacts after reaching the maximum shared inventory storage, but they won't register in the Artifact Collection list.
Oh wow that sounds good to me, means I have got a lot of weapons and clothes and I can get 100% even I collected everything.

So the big question is:
What can I do to get my 100%?
Is there a way to sell this item and after I get the achievemts to buy the weapons back?
Or is there any other solution around?

25th Sep 2018, 21:26
It's not possible to sell any of those items, so the only solution to get 100% right now is to make a new game (not +) and collect every Artifact again without buying any weapons, Attachments, Outfits and Equipments (a few as possible). Or hope for a patch. New game+ does not work because the game will keep all your Weapons, Attachments, Outfits and Equipment, which clogs up a lot of the shared inventory storage.

It's not possible to have all Artifacts, Weapons, Attachments, Outfits and Equipment at the same time right now, so you have to choose between all Artifacts, or all Weapons/Attachments/Outfits/Equipments.

25th Sep 2018, 23:23
Got 100% on Xbox One X like this on a New Game:

- Didn't purchase any Outfits
- Didn't craft any Outfits
- Didn't purchase any Weapons
- Didn't purchase any Attachments
- Completely ignored the Merchant at San Juan
- Did purchase the Lockpicks along with the Rope Ascender
- Did purchase the two quivers
- Did purchase the two resource bags
- Didn't purchase any munition bags (but i'm not sure if this is needed, simply didn't want to risk)

But yeah it still took ~25 hours on Normal and the OB run and first impression still got ruined...

Also if someone wants to know, you finish all Artefacts collections but 4 (Path of the Stars, Myth, Magic & Monsters, The Resistance, Laras Notebook) in San Juan and coming back to Paititi and done the champions bow quest there are two unfinished (The Resistance and Laras Notebook) after starting final story there is only (Laras Notebook) which will get finished in the Ix Chel scene.

Before starting the final story the World Percentage is 92% if all is done.