View Full Version : We need patches!!!

23rd Sep 2018, 12:05
There is this common bug preventing 100% completion, the game doesn't register you picking up artefacts or getting outfits after completing side quests (I'm missing 2 outfits from side quest and 8 artefacts). I've seen people saying thats it's because game have shared inventory for weapons, outfits, artefacts, attachment, etc. and there is just not enough space for everything, so it's pretty easy to fix (i think). So my question is when devs are going to patch the game?

23rd Sep 2018, 14:40
Yes, I think mostly everyone is saying and asking the same thing. I have a cache that is just not there and should be. What do you do about a collectible that should be, but is not there? It seems like the game was going smoothly, was down to my last collectible and challenge and they are not there or don't work. So yes, I am asking when are they going to fix this? As of right now, the game is broken because you can't fully compete it. When are they going to fix this? Are we going to get feedback or continued silence?

30th Sep 2018, 05:46
I just stopped playing due to the dam glitch. I can't get the 4 crypt in the hidden city when entering the cave. All I saw is mountains and water nothing else. It pissed off as I wanted to get 100 in the hidden city. We do need a dam PATCH as soon as possible!

30th Sep 2018, 10:56
I'm just 2 relics away from 100% completion.

Today I was playing again at San Juan, and I collected an old pistol near to the cave with 4 wolves. Previously I had 8/9 relics in San Juan, an after collecting this pistol I initially had 9/9, but when I teleported to The Hidden City, to complete water jumps challenge, I found out that I again have 8/9.

Also in the jungle I spent several hours carefully looking for the relics, including printing a paper map and checking against it. And I'm pretty sure that I collected everything - but still I have 8/9 relics there.


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