View Full Version : Dissapointed

23rd Sep 2018, 10:26
So i should probably clarify great solo game (played rise of the tomb raider previously), and 31.99% complete as we speak. And yes that BUT you sensed coming is upon us, i had looked at buying Shadow of tomb raider several times (was waiting on the release of the cheaper option more so). But what really appealed to me was the fact it said Online Co oP, i thought huh that will be great for me and my friend. When my friend gets on and we start looking for this Co oP i learn there is none yet furthermore this will be something we have to pay for again. is this a joke ?

Where i come from this is called blatant False Advertising, i shouldn't need to go round from site to site to find out a pretty big detail like this. When at the store your item should do what it says on the tin, or else what are your details for ??

Most put out, would it have stopped me from playing it or buying it. Truth be told i don't know, i have been known to be a stubborn soul (Having read the FAQ) i can tell you soul is not the word i would have used and this post is very mellow in comparison to whats actually going through my mind right now....

Despite having been to my local store 23/09/2018 where they sell hard copies, whereby i did check the back of the box and it does indeed advertise it as a solo game. I would hazard a guess as to microsoft being the issue, i'm not sure if it was their intent nonetheless its misleading and i am still not happy.