View Full Version : an bug with Jonah in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition Disc version,its a sma

23rd Sep 2018, 08:13

during my second playthrough of shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition from GameStop, I am playing on New Game+ mode, anyway I am not sure whats best to report this error to the games maker if you can, so it can be fixed, I went ahead and used Report a problem on my xbox One X console, but not sure if that's the best way to report errors in game or not, I picked the Jaguar Path, during new game plus mode , right in the jungle before you get to the first town, my Jonah character became two AI of the same person. I am guessing that once the towns video starts the second Jonah should go away, but I think that's maybe a error I should report I took a few Capture a screenshot on my xbox one and upload them to my onedrive to share here in any case. anyway I don't no what needs to be done to fix this error, also running in Insider Preview Beta firmware on my Xbox One X, but that should not effect a character in game I would think its a bug related to the game and not the console system itself, Os Version is 10.0.17763.2002 (rs5_release_xbox_dev_1810.180918-1920) again the firmware on my xbox one x seems very stable, so I don't no if that could make 2 Jonah's in shadow of the tomb raider, if so maybe I should downgrade the OS version back to non-insider firmware version.



my image source and my post for this error with 3 photo capture images is location at Microsoft forums page below




also my facebook login on Edge web browser is not working right for this forums, it keeps logging me out, but no problem staying log in with firefox, I guess its a browser problem, since I don't even go on these forums that much, I used my shadow of the Tomb raider code with facebook login to get my music from this game, and the golden weapons in the game too, so far its been fun, I just wanted to share this one error I was having on my new game+

looking forward to playing the season pass add-ons when the rest of them are released :)