View Full Version : Gold Full Issue/Bug PS4

21st Sep 2018, 00:30
I am having an issue where I can no longer collect gold. I tried purchasing items(I am currently in Yaku) and that lowered my gold in stock, but when reaching a new place where gold was, I could still not collect. The first location was gold on the ground, the second is underwater in the wall. I am having issues with this forum so hopefully the images worked below. This is on PS4, first playthrough, about 25%


21st Sep 2018, 08:03
Harvested gold is for sell only. Golden Coins are for buying items.

24th Sep 2018, 21:46
But I should still be able to collect, no matter whether it is in coin form, or harvest form. This is what I am unable to do.

24th Sep 2018, 21:48
Never mind, I think I figured it out. I didn't know there was a max. Thanks!