View Full Version : Possible fix for achievement Dr Croft? (PC/Steam)

20th Sep 2018, 23:05
Ok, so I managed to get both Completionist and Dr Croft achievement.

For Completionist I maybe just got lucky. I did everything and just got it in the end when I finished the game on my first playthrough. Even though I 3 artifact collections had bugged out for me and never got completed. It was "Lara's Notebook" , "Resistance" and "Myth, Magic and Monsters" and the progress was stuck at 30/34.

As for Dr Croft I managed to get it on my NG+ Deadly Obsession run. I didn't bother picking up any artifacts or anything, just rushed to the end. After I completed the game I went back to that save file and it had completed "Lara's Notebook" this time, and also "Path of the Stars". I also noticed that the Progress on Dr Croft had increased to 32/34. I completed another artifact collection on the NG+ and the achievement unlocked!

So in other words. Try to finish any random artifact collections on NG+ an make sure they are added to the inventory when you pick them up. You might need more then me but I recommend getting all the collectibles in the Mission of San Juan because I think you can actually complete like 3 of them (Mircale Mission, Angel de la Cruz and Brotherhood Cruz Cult). And the map isn't that big.

Here is a video I used if you have any trouble: