View Full Version : The Collectibles bug - what causes it?

20th Sep 2018, 16:34
Has anyone figured out what triggers it? I thought for a while it was simply dying right as you picked something up, or picking a second thing up as you picked up the first, but I can't isolate what's causing it. If I could work out a work-around I could probably be arsed to play through the game a third time just to get the achievement, but without knowing more it feels like I'm banging my head into the wall here.

Update: I now have a save where the only item missing from my "Metamorphosis" collection is the skull you get from Manu after finishing the side quest. If I go hand that quest in I get the skull, but it doesn't get added to my collection. I have no idea why and I can't figure it out.

For those who don't know what the bug entails; it basically means you pick up an artifact but it doesn't get added to your collection. When you finish the game you'll have a 100% collection rate on every map but you'll miss artifacts and so your total completion percentage will be something like 98-99%. For me, I missed artifacts from 6 different collections (several from some).

20th Sep 2018, 22:52
Bug works something like this - if you have in your inventary 336 (max items on maps) items but missing 1 game dont add it because you allready have all items.

21st Sep 2018, 15:20
From my experience I belive it might be something to do with collecting Artifacts after finishing the main campaign, under 'continue game'.

I might be wrong about this though so if anyone has had it bug out before finishing the story please let me know.


22nd Sep 2018, 20:29
It's much simpler and yet much worse, they calculated the shared Inventory Storage for (Weapons, Attachments, Outfits and Artefacts) wrong.

So if you bought the Croft Edition and also got all those golden skinned weapons, you won't have enough storage for all Artefacts if you also purchase all Weapons, Attachments and bags from Merchants.

The fix is probably simple, they need to expand the storage so that ALL POSSIBLE Weapons, Attachments, Bags, Outfits and Artefacts included the ones you get from Story can be added and stored.

This Bug is hilarious, i mean c'mon not enough space for all collectibles? Like seriously? After wasting over 50 hours i would really have a little talk with their Testers...

23rd Sep 2018, 17:14
From experience with RotTR: I actually made sure, specifically, to 100% all regions before talking to Etzli and begin the point of no return. When I finished the whole thing 23hrs) my completion save said 99.64% completed. There are a few artifact tabs that got stuck, including "Lara's notebook" (bewilderingly).

Somehow, in RotTR I never encountered the completion bug, many others did. In this game it seems unavoidable; if you began playing before the patch. -- A hotfix patch just to change an end-credits scene.

I doubt there is any way to fix this tbh. I pre-ordered the game, but because those only get released to suppliers near the street date. I didn't get my copy until a week after it released publicly else I likely wouldn't have been caught by this patch.

Pre-orders need to be supplied well in advance of release and if the pre-order states you get two days access to the game, then it should arrive at the customers house 2-days before the street date! -- I mean, customers have only been harping on about this since 2007!!!!

26th Sep 2018, 08:02

I purchased it with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but i won't put that Disc into my Xbox One X now and bring it back unopened to the Store!

Why you may ask? Well because RotTR also has a 100% completion bug, especially on Xbox One X that Squenix didn't fix after years! The worst is that the Bug is caused by the 4K update on Xbox One X and the only workaround because Squenix apparently don't care, is to play the game on a Xbox One S instead because the patch isn't applied there.

Users have reported that bug over and over, but Squenix didn't care, True Achivements now even has a warning up for RotTR (Warning: This game has 2 Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable achievements) namely (Way to Go and Golden Child).

And now we have an 100% completion bug in SotTR, which also hasn't been fixed? And True Achievements already has those nice little green bugged Achievements icons up for SotTR too!

I'm sorry but that RotTR package will go back unopened to sell on the second hand market and next time i see an Squenix title i want, i won't pre-purchase the most expensive package anymore, but i will wait 6 months and check thoroughly for any bugreports from users prior even considering purchasing something from Squenix again.

Because you know bugged Achievements may be no issue on steam where people can simply unlock/cheat it with SAM but they are a catastrophe on console!

Unfixed bugged Achievements like this on consoles are a reason to not purchase the game!