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20th Sep 2018, 13:17
Is there no option to invert the X axis?
Anyone has found a official or unofficial way to do it?

I play since arkanoid with inverted axis and doing without feel so unnatural and difficult that I got frustrated.

Also I am genuinly curios on the reason why the option is missing, expecially considering that the option to invert the Y axis is there.

Is that something difficult to code?
Is that done for some reason which I am missing?

Is Square Enix trying to force me to re-wire my old school player brain in a more modern fashon?
Like what they were doing in medieval times, forcing left handed to use the right one, as using the left was considered to have a demonic root.

I would really apprecciate any kind of help, the games looks very cool, yet because of this I am struggling to enjoy it :(

21st Sep 2018, 11:16

For PC, you can adjust the X-axis for gamepad under the options-> gamepad menu.
For mouse you can do this under options -> mouse and keyboard menu. The axis for regular and aiming controls are separate.

If you have any questions, please provide information about the platform that you are playing on, and which control peripherals you are using if you are playing on PC.

21st Sep 2018, 11:36
I am sorry, I complitely forgot to mention I am talking about PS4 (pro, playing with the default sony dualshock 4).

On PC I would have known plenty of way to solve it (like DSTools, for example).

On PS4 I can see the option is missing in the game, and I can't find any global setting or workaround, apart from ripping the controller apart to physically invert the stick controls, or to buy a quite expensive external third party device (like the CronusMAX Plus)

24th Sep 2018, 17:52
Thanks for this post! I had this question here: https://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=257730
But I also neglected to mention it was for PS4.

But I'm with il_fas on this.
I would also very much like it if the option would be implemented to be able to invert X-Axis for camera controls.

Though... with my experience on this topic with other games... I doubt this will ever get added...
But here's to hoping!!