View Full Version : Request: Make cutscenes skippable (some spoilers)

19th Sep 2018, 19:47
Hi all,

I wanted to thank the developers for creating such a great TR game, but also request a fix for something that really hurts replayability. Namely, that so many cutscenes are unskippable. TR13 and Rise both had some unskippable cutscenes but those were few and short, which is why I feel they had great replay value.
This is not the case here. To show how severe the problem is, here is a partial list of unskippable cutscenes and how long they take:

Intro cutscene - 2 minutes
Cozumel cave - discovering the tomb, escape, talking to Jonah - 3 minutes
Cozumel - Jonah talking to guards - 1 minute
Peru Jungle - Plane crash - 4 minutes
Croft manor - beginning and ending cutscenes - 3 minutes
Kuwaq Yaku - Breaking the wall in the temple - 2 minutes
Hidden City - Meeting Unuratu - 4 minutes
Cenote - opening the gate and discovering the box is missing - 3 minutes
Hidden City - Unuratu explains her mission and the eclipse - 2 minutes
Hidden City - Lara gives Etzli the amulet - 2 minutes
Oil Fields - Helicopter crash, Lara and Jonah talk about the riddle - 3 minutes
Hidden City - Talking with Etzli about the plan - 1 minute

This is a very partial list. Overall I've noticed over 40 minutes of unskippable cutscenes, but the real figure is probably close to an hour. As you can imagine, this severely hurts replayability for those of us who enjoy the gameplay but don't want to watch the story every time.

It's especially problematic for those playing on Deadly Obsession (very hard) difficulty. Every time you die you get sent to the last campfire, which is fine since it's part of the challenge, but then you have to rewatch all the cutscenes up to the point you died. Every. Single. Time.
Since watching cutscenes isn't really challenging or interesting when you've seen them 10 times already, you can see why this becomes frustrating quickly.

I know that fixing all the cutscenes is not possible, but if most of them get fixed it's going to greatly improve the game's replay value.

23rd Sep 2018, 12:25
I came here to say this.

Being on my third playthough I'm mostly wanting the gameplay rather than the story now. Add to that having to rewatch cutscenes when you die and it becomes extremely frustrating.
I do really enjoy the game, but it is becoming tiring watching endless cutscenes.