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18th Sep 2018, 21:12
First let me say that this is a personal issue,not an actual bug or glitch or game related problem.
Second,let me say that no,I am not a troll,I am actually a fan,loving every second of this game.
Finally,my problem...
I've run into something that has completely halted my playthrough. During the mission Via Veritas,I've got to find a secret crypt,after searching the entire library...I appear to have to...smash a wall painting to continue...a wall painting of Jesus Christ...I can't do that..It might seem like a minor issue to some,but as a Christian I take it seriously and cannot,will not bring myself to do such a thing,even if it is a painting on a video game.
Is there are reason this has to be there?...Like...can't the painting be next to the wall or somewhere else...I really do not feel comfortable doing this...
Is there no way around this?
Or am I just SOL when it comes to finishing the game...?
I know it won't be changed as many probably won't consider it major issue,but I seriously can't...

19th Sep 2018, 00:55
I watched a walkthrough with the area in question, and yes, it does appear to be a painting of Jesus. While it is possible that the developers wanted players to smash the painting to symbolically 'strike' Christianity, I don't believe this is the case. I continued watching the walkthrough and Jonah and Lara seemed pretty respectful of the other Christian artifacts, such as crosses and Biblical scriptures, all a part of solving the puzzle in that area. It seems unlikely that the developers would would attempt to disrespect Christianity, and then continue respectfully for the rest of the puzzle. Most likely, the developers in charge of creating this area simply didn't know they may be offending some players by having them strike the painting. Hard to know without input from the developers, of course; having them reply to you on this thread, talking about the thought process behind creating this particular puzzle would be amazing insight, and incredible customer service. Judging by the scarcity of activity on these forums, however, I don't know if too many people in an official capacity are reading these posts.

Hopefully you can continue your playthrough knowing that their intentions were not malicious. Have fun!

19th Sep 2018, 02:58
........Is there are reason this has to be there?...Like...can't the painting be next to the wall or somewhere else...

Yes, there is no other way around it since the game was already made and released to the public.

...I really do not feel comfortable doing this...
Is there no way around this?
Or am I just SOL when it comes to finishing the game...?........

Other than maybe having a friend play that section for you, then finish the rest yourself.

19th Sep 2018, 06:32
Let me preface this that I am not trying to be a jerk. I really want to understand the thought process here. It is so alien to me that its fascinating. How is that the line you draw? You straight up murder dozens of people in this game, hundreds throughout the trilogy. You wholesale slaughter troves of indigenous and rare animals. You destroy people's homes and livelihoods, pillage other culture's relics. All virtually of course, yet so is the picture.

I have to believe in your world view all of the things if done outside a video game would be much worse than destroying a painting. Yet in the video game, you draw the line at the painting. Why not suspend your moral compass the same way you do when you virtually knife a guy in the neck? If there was an impending natural disaster and you could save thousands of lives from it if you only destroyed a picture with Christian imagery, would you? That's the same choice here. If you don't destroy the virtual painting, you don't stop the virtual catastrophe about to be unleashed.

Again, not trying to be a jerk. If you don't feel comfortable completing that section of the game, I applaud you for standing firm and not doing so. Stay true to your beliefs. I respect people who have a strong, moral consistent belief system. I just don't understand the thought process in context to a video game about killing so many things.

23rd Sep 2018, 18:18
It's just a mural made by a mad man and full of his interpretation. Destroying it is your Christian duty. Jonah was absolutely right when he states, "these missionaries practiced sacrilege".

Look. In all seriousness. Do remember it's just a game. Apart from the modern set regions, there is NO WAY, I would help out Nahuatlese indians once I discovered they were (once again) practicing mass sacrificial genocide in 2018. -- They'd instantly be on my hitlist, right alongside Trinity!

Don't let the romanticism of the portrayal get in the way of your game. The fact is the Aztecs didn't get half what they deserved. -- A complicit set of 7 tribes with a narrative history of civilised brutality and savagery that dwarfed even the Crusades and only ended when the Spanish introduced them to "a better God" whom then set about destroying their own civilization, once and for all. -- The missionaries sent there, all went mad in the process.

Look at the 14th -16th Century rest of the world and compare that with the Aztecs & Incas (that's how long they were around). It's the Mayans that were far older (dating back to the Olmecs). Mass sacrificial genocide plagued the Americas for centuries before Europeans landed there to exploit them. If they had taken those Indians seriously, they would have wiped them out in far shorter order than famine & plague eventually did.

I even dare say the Vikings did discover the Mayans. The GTFO as fast as they could, went back North and then home. If the Romans had if heard of them, that would've been the end of the Mayans in a long and bloody campaign that would have consumed the whole world.

No one thought Africans would ever pose a threat in the modern world, but post-modern tribalism has engulfed many regions on the continent.