View Full Version : *BUG* Manko's Tunic not showing up in Inventory

18th Sep 2018, 15:57
I completed the Champion's Bow side-quest and received Manko's Tunic, BUT it does not appear in my inventory.
It shows that I have a "NEW OUTFIT AVAILABLE" when I hover over 'Inventory' while at a camp.
So the game knows that I have it unlocked but for whatever reason won't display it for me to craft and equip it.

18th Sep 2018, 16:09
I have the same problem. I'm also unable to make Kantu's gilded vest.

20th Sep 2018, 12:13
Same problem here. Please fix devs!

20th Sep 2018, 13:46
I am in the same position as Erico360, Kantu's Golden Vest can't be crafted and after the Champion's Bow mission the tunic isn't in the inventory.

20th Sep 2018, 21:25
99% certain this is connected to the bug if not getting collectibles as you pick them up. It behaves in exactly the same way as the side quest in the Mission of San Juan which grants you the skull for Metamorphosis (but doesn't add it to the collection). It flashes up as if it's granting you the item, but when you go look for it it's not there.

Something in Mission of San Juan bugs your savefile so it can't receive any more items... still trying to figure out what exactly. Working my way back to getting a clean savefile at the start of San Juan from the chopper incident atm.