View Full Version : (PC) Mission of San Juan Monolith Bug

18th Sep 2018, 12:39
Hello. I just purchased the game last Friday and the game was hell out of fun than the previous title. Recently, I encountered a bug with the Monolith in San Juan. The treasure is located underwater where there are rocks that shape like a turtle but I was unable to interact with the treasure. There's no 'E' button to click. I double confirmed that the treasure was there. I watched Youtube and the player managed to interact with the treasure but he was on PS4. Is this a bug for the PC because it's really frustrating and it was my last Monolith for the game T_T. Does anybody encounter this bug ? Square Enix. I hope you fix this bug.

18th Sep 2018, 13:49

This bug is also on Xbox

20th Sep 2018, 16:30
I've managed to pick it up twice on PC.

20th Sep 2018, 20:30

This bug is also on Xbox

Yeah same here, it's the only thing missing for me to have 100% completion!