View Full Version : Champion's Bow Quest Bug *Possible Spoilers*

18th Sep 2018, 05:28
The final side quest given by Uchu in Paititi seems to have bugged out for me blocking it's progression and 100% completion.

Uchu loops the dialogue from the Savior's Amulet quest every time before discussing the bow which is blocking it's progress.

Here is a video of the bug: https://youtu.be/k8bn3L5tbvM

EDIT: My platform is PC

19th Sep 2018, 04:57
Same for me. Playing on Xbox One. I have 100% completion on all maps but Hidden City because of the missing mission. The NPC is highlighted green in survival instincts. He gives me the dialogue from completion of the last quest, then he gives me the dialogue for the next quest. But the quest never tracks in my log, I do not get a side mission marker, nor is the cave open when I go to where the quest should point me.

If I leave and come back, he will repeat the dialogue and give me another 350 or so gold quest reward for the amulet quest, but I cannot get the bow quest to activate. I am right before the final mission in the story. I will try to see if I can beat the game and come back. However, I read you can do the quest before the last mission, and it shouldn't give me the quest dialogue if I can't do the quest.

19th Sep 2018, 06:00
Yep, that is exactly the same issue. It seems to be multi-platform as well since I'm on PC. Hopefully they patch it soon. Was waiting to 100% before a new game plus run.

19th Sep 2018, 07:56
Fast solution is delete game and install again but dont dowloand patch 1.03. You can finish that quest. Works for me on ps4.

19th Sep 2018, 08:08
Fast solution is delete game and install again but dont dowloand patch 1.03. You can finish that quest. Works for me on ps4.

Unfortunately it's not possible to go back to a previous build on Steam for PC, but that is a good tip for console users to try out.

20th Sep 2018, 18:37
I'll try to uninstall and reload minus patch. I am not positive that is possible with a digital copy on Xbox One or not. Generally it just downloads the newest version but I might be able to mess with the settings.

This bug really annoys me since the same thing happened in Rise of the Tomb Raider as well. I never get games Day 1 but loved TR(2013) so much I can't wait to play the next one. I got Rise day 1 and couldn't complete the messenger bird quest because of a bug. Couldn't get 100% until a full replay over a year later. Now I get another side-quest bug preventing 100% completion on Shadow. Shadow is also a far inferior game to 2013 TR and Rise of the TR, in MY opinion (combat is way too sparse, atrociously paced and far too scripted -eg, this is the fight where you get this tool/weapon/skill and is set up to use it to great effect for easy victory). My disappointment in this game combined with 2 bugs in 2 games means I will wait until TR reboot #4 hits the 50% discount level before diving in.