View Full Version : Constant Action Notifications

17th Sep 2018, 22:28
Is there any way to turn off the constant action notifications (how to climb a wall, etc)? I get it when they are there for the first time of doing these actions, but not through-out the entire game. It's quite annoying to be playing the game and suddenly being pulled "out of the zone" for directions on how to do something over and over again.

Square Enix, is there any way you can fix this...an option to turn off action notification, maybe?

20th Sep 2018, 01:34
Yes this is very annoying. I wish we could also shut off the objectives notifications that pop up as well. Too much crap always getting shoved in our faces.

22nd Sep 2018, 22:41
I'm playing on hard, and it still feels the need to tell me to use the grapple hook. Really breaks the enjoyment of searching for the next part of the path.