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17th Sep 2018, 17:02
I am well into the game (currently in the Rebellion Lives Mission), but there are large areas in the Hidden City I can*t get to. I wanted to take a break from the main missions to explore and do some of the Tomb challenges and crypts I hadn*t come across naturally in the game. And I thought was the whole point of this game. However, I have spent hours trying to gain access to an area in the Hidden City region, where there are active crypts, tombs and challenges marked on my map. I*ve tried approaching the area from every conceivable direction, and I*m just about at my wit*s end. Why are these areas marked on my map if there*s no access? 5(3 area I*m speaking of has an Albino Capybara hunting area at its center. South of that is an unnamed Challenge Tomb, and south of that is a crypt and 1 of 4 Speak of the Dead rapt secrets. I*ve tried accessing this area from the closest base camps, like Belly of the Serpent, Quipu Overlook, and Cenote Climb, but there is no access. From what I can tell online, there are base camps within that area that I have discovered yet (it looks like one may be the Wild Jungle base camp), but if I can*t access the area, then how am I supposed to discovered the camps. It*s gotten to a point where it*s ruining for me what would otherwise be a fantastic game. I don*t mean nd hard challenges, but this is ridiculous. For the love of Mike, can someone please help me out!!!

17th Sep 2018, 23:19
The access points for those are in the Hidden City, look at the left border of the river if you look at the waterfall, both are there, one is a bush hole, the other a mud pathway. There is also there and in a cave with underwater entrance, but this ones doesn't work until after the Eye of the Serpent Story Mission. And then there is one above there in the mountain, but this one doesn't open until you start a side mission.