View Full Version : A bunch of bugs - PC - Steam, Croft Edition

17th Sep 2018, 04:45
1: Monolith in the lake north-west of the Hidden City with the riddle "The Waters below protect me from the waters above".
I searched for the survival cache a lot, searched for help with videos and images to guide me, nearly drowed Lara a lot of times. There isn't nothing there to interact.

2: Even tough I completed the game, got all documents, relics, murals, monoliths and side missions, there's still some collections of artifacts that aren't 100%: "Path of stars", "Pantheon of gods", "The resistance", "exodus". "myths"

3: Can't craft "Kantu's Gilded Vest". Even tough I have the materials, when I craft, the icon turns into a broken heart and appears again the message asking if I'm sure that I want to craft.