View Full Version : Has Anyone Received Their Preorder Yet?

16th Sep 2018, 16:28
I preordered from amazon, on May 5th---I preordered the Croft Edition. According to amazon my game should arrive September 20 - 21. I'm just frustrated. The game is out in stores, I saw it at Target and meanwhile my order hasn't even shipped yet. I'm hoping it'll ship sometime next week. I didn't do the early access, I'd rather wait and get my money's worth with my preorder.

19th Sep 2018, 22:56
Update: I received my preorder today. The soundtrack is digital for those that don't know. I was expecting a CD, for $80 I feel like it should be a CD but it's fine I guess. I haven't played the game, because it's too late but I've downloaded the soundtrack then I'll do the DLC for the game then I'll install the game so I can play it soon.