View Full Version : Xbox One - Campfire/Inventory bug?

15th Sep 2018, 13:03
Having issues every time I attempt to access the campfire menu, I can upgrade skills with no issues but then can't exit the menu and when I select inventory to upgrade my weapons etc the game just ceases to function.. it's not a controller issue as I can exit the game to homepage, but any actions within the game freeze.

Concerned that there seems to be no one else reporting anything of this nature, starts to make me think I'm just being blindingly stupid.. :scratch:

16th Sep 2018, 11:09
Having the same problem. xbox is up to date, game is up to date and have uninstalled and reinstalled. at the beginning I could exit the campfire unless I went into inventory where it just froze. now cant even go into the skills upgrade then exit the campfire. Campfire now just generally broken.

19th Sep 2018, 16:46
I am also having the same issue at campsites.On PC and specs are well above minimum
any help please

20th Sep 2018, 10:24
Also happening on PS4 pro, latest firmware and latest game patch installed