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15th Sep 2018, 12:54
Im just wondering how it is possible to make a game in 2018 where the aiming, movement, delays and everything about the fighting is recordbreaking bad??
Didnt anyone test how to move and aim before release?

Such a pretty game and a pity that all the pleasure with story, graphics and gameplay outside fighting turn to irritation every time you encounter a enemy....

15th Sep 2018, 17:41
Plus on a side note, I wish there was more fighting.

I'm not at all happy that there is less combat in this game.

22nd Sep 2018, 22:51
I have to agree, though "recordbreaking" is a bit of a hyperbole.

After playing stuff like The Division and Fortnite, this feels sluggish and inaccurate even at nearly the highest sensitivity. For example, the part with the creatures in the pit was infuriating simply because Lara couldn't aim at or reliably track something up close.

Stealth, traversal and such are all fine, but behind a gun it does not feel right - and I don't recall ever having this with the previous games.

25th Sep 2018, 16:21
Agree. Combat especially is really bad because of the camera lag. I even switched combat difficulty to easy to get aim assist, which helps a bit, but not enough. Is there an official bug tracker for stuff like this, or is this forum it?