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28th Nov 2002, 20:55
I have posted this quetion here before.. But still not got my problem solved..

My problem:
I want to have an outside world with sky graphics. But my sky only appears black with an orange ball inn the horizont....

What I have already tried:
-Coloured the roof with the upper left black color (even with the transparent buttom)

-This is the script block of my level in the script file:

Name= Alfa
Legend= The Year 2002, at Alfaplants mountains
Horizon= ENABLED
Layer1= 128,128,128,-8
ColAddHorizon= ENABLED
LensFlare= 250000,-32000,110000,128,96,0
PuzzleCombo= 3,1,Cartouche Piece 1, $0000,$0400,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
PuzzleCombo= 3,2,Cartouche Piece 2, $0000,$0400,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 3,Ba Cartouche, $0000,$0400,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 5,Eye Of Horus, $0017,$0500,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
PuzzleCombo= 5,1,Eye Piece, $0017,$0500,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
PuzzleCombo= 5,2,Eye Piece, $0017,$0500,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 6,The Hand Of Orion, $0000,$0400,$8000,$c000,$0000,$0002
Puzzle= 8,The Hand Of Sirius, $0000,$0400,$8000,$c000,$0000,$0002
LoadCamera= 0,0,0,0,0,0,255
LoadCamera= 31725,-977,41184,33144,-300,43202,0
Level= DATA\alfa,107

- I have also copied the skygrapichs file from the "Costal Ruins" and named it alfa.raw

- It says in the level converter: "Using Spesific Level Sky Texture File"


28th Nov 2002, 23:44
To see the sky through the ceiling you must use the black color from the palette bottom centre of the TRLE window, using a black or empty square from the texture panel will only result in a black sky. You don't need to select invisible either. Now go do it properly :D

29th Nov 2002, 04:37
Also You could try using TRwest to add the Horizon to your Wad from the coastal wad instead of renaming the .Raw file



30th Nov 2002, 12:27
I have tried the above mentioned... Still no sky.. But the orange ball in the horizont does indicate that my roof are tranparent..? I think the problem is that the sky just wount show... Damn it..

1st Dec 2002, 01:33
sorry I don't got the problem cause I really don't understand what happens "exactly"... could you post a screenshot? and why don't you show here the horizon object as this appear in the strpix window? (eventually in the wireframe feature if your horizon is completely dark)

then, do you really need those lines?

ColAddHorizon= ENABLED
LensFlare= 250000,-32000,110000,128,96,0

You know, you see an orange disk in the sky and the RGB value is an orange one :D (exactly the orange one is 255,127,0, but you are really near to the perfect orange there, simply darker and a little bit greener) ;)

1st Dec 2002, 13:48

2nd Dec 2002, 11:28
That definitely does not look like a lens flare. Do you have a sun in your sky or horizon?
You said you copied the sky graphics from coastal. But where did you get the horizon?
Are you using a custom wad file? Maybe there is a problem with it. Since the horizon is a wad object, maybe that is messing something up.
If you are using a custom wad, try rebuilding it.
Also, since you have used transparency and who knows what else on the ceiling textures, you might need to delete the room and start over. The LE tends to get confused after awhile, and you can't tell what has been turned on for a texture.
Also, are you using the lensflare in the script as well as the lensflare object from the wad? If you are only using the script method, make sure you have the object in your wad file. If you already have it in your wad, try removing it.

Maybe useless suggestions, but at least it's something :)

2nd Dec 2002, 14:03

Your room looks ok as you have used Black colour (from bottom pallette) and transparent to texture the sides and ceiling.

Normally if you use another texture and transparent the horizon still comes through with transparent texture that you have used.

The sun is the Lensflare - from the script.
Lensflare objects in WAD are normally where you want seperate lensflares.
Sky graphics is the bit above the horizon
ColAddHorizon= ENABLED used for stretching out the horizon

The only thing that I can see that is missing a horizon object. Maybe copy the one from coastal to your WAD.

It's best to use Wadmerger open up Your WAD in left side and Coastal in the right. Copy Horizon from right to left side and then do the same to Skygraphics.

2nd Dec 2002, 14:43
Finally! My sky and horizont shows! I diDt have the horizont in my wad! I didnt know that it had to be in the wad... :D
Thanks everyone and to you "prjsaves" for setting me on the thought. THANKS!!!!

30th Nov 2008, 13:35
Hey, after reading all the posts, i've put a horizon in a level that originally hadnt the horizon object. I've put Horizon= enabled, layer1 and ive added the horizon object in the wad. When i go to play the level, it appears the horizon, but some parts of it is spinning without stopping. Please someone help me!

30th Nov 2008, 23:49
You already started a thread about this. Now you dug up a 6 year old thread. Wait for a reply in your original thread.

1st Dec 2008, 20:43
Im sorry, but no one helps me.
Very sorry...