View Full Version : (Xbox One X) Glitched Artefact in Hidden City, is on Map but nothing there

14th Sep 2018, 22:47
I made Screenshots of the Map and me staying there and there is also nothing in that House and below is only a Wall.


EDIT: Exited and reloaded Game, still nothing there ... so is only the Map glitched or is the Relic glitched?

14th Sep 2018, 23:43
Is that one not in the "skull cave" underneath?

14th Sep 2018, 23:54
There is no Cave, at least none accessible from that side, i checked all walls and even under water for an entrance.

Also are there not those little arrows on the map markers normally if the mark is below or above?
But i don't see any arrows, so it should be on that level, or also there are no such topographic info,
but i somehow remember seeing them.

Of course it's still possible that the entrance is far away and the Cave very large, but for me it looks glitched.

EDIT: Alright the Relic itself doesn't seem to be glitched after all, but the Map is for sure strange. ;)