View Full Version : Possible Spoilers - Initial feedback about outfit restrictions

14th Sep 2018, 20:34
This is being discussed quite extensively in other tomb raider forums, but I wanted to address it here in the official forums with the hope the developers will consider making changes to the outfit restrictions in Paititi. I understand the purpose of some outfit restrictions in Cozumel and Paititi (e.g. When you first arrive, have to wear guard disguise), but as constituted, the game has way too many restrictions in place when it comes to selecting outfits. IMHO, it hurts the replayability of the game when a large portion of the outfits you get cannot be worn in at least 1/3 of the game. It doesn't make much sense to give players dozens of customization options, but then prevent their use in entire sections of the game. At a minimum, please revise this restriction so that players can get more freedom to equip outfits in Paititi after returning from the Mission, during free roaming, raiding tombs and so on. Ideally, the mandatory outfit restrictions in large portions of the game should be entirely removed in NG+ mode so players can enjoy the freedom to tweak their gameplay experience after completing the game the first time through.

This will go a long way to giving players more freedom in their playthroughs and will increase the replay value of the game.

17th Sep 2018, 05:35
I heartfully agree with it. Writing wise, I understand the reasons of the restrictions and I really like the idea of blending with the people, but it's so sad that I can't use for a good part of the game the other outfits, not even in the ending. I didn't use a single time the extra outfits of the previous games because I wanted to experiment with the new ones in the little time of freedom I had.

17th Sep 2018, 23:14
I find it totally asinine that people refuse to talk to Lara unless she's wearing that sodding blue tunic.