View Full Version : Deadly Obsession question.

13th Sep 2018, 21:10
So with the Deadly Obsession difficulty survival instincts is disabled and can't be enabled. Great. My question has to do with the fact that 1/3 of the skill tree is based around the survival instincts mechanic. I understand that there are no visual survival instincts, but if I were to choose for example: the skill that makes it so you do extra damage when targeting an animals heart. I know I won't be able to see the glowing heart, but would I get the bonus damage if I were to properly shoot the heart area?

13th Sep 2018, 22:12
Yeah i thought the same about all those now absolutely useless survival instincts perks, i started right in Deadly Obsession difficulty and it's nice and all but no survival instincts at all means 1/3 of the skill tree is fubar.

14th Sep 2018, 15:59
Yeah it seems pretty strange that they would make that much of the skill tree basically useless on the hardest difficulty, if anything they should have alternate skills for when playing on said difficulty. I don't want to spend points on any of those if none of the bonuses will work.