View Full Version : Gamebreaking Bug [PS4]

13th Sep 2018, 21:08
Hey everyone
I got an annoying bug/glitch that won't allow me to continue playing. Its right before the porvenir area where you can cover yourself with mud for the very first time during gameplay. After you've done that, Lara has to climb over some sort of barrier (i guess), because if you activate hunter vision, there is the lightcolumn exactly at this spot. But i can't climb over that barrier, whatever i try (button smashing, walking against it, reloading checkpoint, restarting game, reinstall game).
I'm enjoying the game so far and really want to continue to play it, but this bug keeps hindering me from doing so.

Please fix it or give me some clues how to pass that obstacle! Thanks in advance!

13th Sep 2018, 23:10
I recorded a video about that bug. As you can see, Lara doesnt get over that barrier and she seems to be in stealth-/combatmode. Maybe this is the reason the animation wont trigger...