View Full Version : it won't save???

13th Sep 2018, 20:31
On Xbox One I can't get the game to actually save - if I die it will return me to the previous checkpoint, but I can't save my progress - I have a save slot selected but nothing happens, all I get is the option to restart the game????
Two starts getting to the jungle and both wasted!!!

13th Sep 2018, 22:33
Did you start in Deadly Obsession? If so, there are no Checkpoints and it only saves at camp fires. You can also change Saveslots to save, but it doesn't work in Deadly Obsession, they not even save the kills globally, if you die everything you made is lost.

14th Sep 2018, 06:50
Nope it's just on "normal" difficulty. I tried changing the saveslot to "manually" save....and it didn't do anything, after going back to the main menu there is nothing in the saveslots and the only option I have is to start a new game...

14th Sep 2018, 08:46
Alright then it's a most probably a bug, but it's a bit unusual for consoles to have filesystem access problems but who knows.

- If it only affects this Game then try to clear Cache and doing a full shutdown and if that doesn't help then try delete/remove the Game and reinstall it.

- If that still didn't help, then you also can try to reset the whole console, and then re-login with your live account and re.sync the profile etc. This of course sucks because it needs to download everything etc. but if nothings helps it's something to try, you could also try call Microsoft or to chat with an Agent there and ask for help

15th Sep 2018, 15:01
I did clear the cache, then on start-up a 1.09G patch dropped and I got one of my saves back, so all good now.

21st Sep 2018, 01:07
Hi, I had a similar issue. I was about 40% completion of the game and my saved game juste vanished from my xbox one!!! Try the cache thing, did not work. Started a new game but kinda mad and afraid it will do this again...