View Full Version : PC Version: Crank doesn't work?

13th Sep 2018, 18:33
So. I know it works because I had to use the crank before, but for some reason in "Path of the living" (in this room with the fire around you) where I have to rotate it to open the gates, nothing happens... When I press A or D, Lara rotates it slowly, but nothing moves besides the crank. I have watched videos where people use it and its much faster... but I can't control the speed of the rotation with my keyboard, right?

And just like I said: I had to use the crank before for other puzzles and I did work just fine. I'm doing the same thing here, but it doesn't work. It's really annoying, cause I can't go further now... ;(

Or am I doing something wrong here?
Thank you very much if anyone can help me. :)