View Full Version : Here turn off EVERYTHING! (except the CONSTANT on screen hints)

13th Sep 2018, 13:39
On screen hints suck and this game is one of the worst offenders in a long time.

No matter how many times I press the touch pad to view the on screen advice or scroll SLOWLY through the tutorial menu; To try to make the game realize that it can shut the f*** up now. It continues to throw these immersion breaking, on screen hints at me like I'm playing a video game for the first time. "Hey, I know you've looted salvage about 50 times already, read the tutorial to let me know that you know what it's for, have used it to upgrade weapons but let me throw this big old on screen reminder explaining what it's used for."

So please Square add the ability to turn off the on screen hints to the adjustable difficulty settings (and while you're at it make the cheat skills for Survival Instinct actually do something for those of us who are playing the game old school. I.E. No hand holding).

I'm playing on 'One With the Jungle' difficulty for a reason. I hate the stupid hand holding mechanics of "press a button for an in game, walk through guide". Such as Witcher Sense or Batman Vision. Every time I accidentally press that button or a game requires it to be used; The younger gamer in me dies a little more inside.

~ Sorry for the edits but it can take a while to organize my thoughts into something more... coherent.