View Full Version : [PC] Sound fading in and out or disappearing completely

12th Sep 2018, 19:48
My girlfriend is having a problem while playing SotTR where the sound will disappear periodically. It is particularly noticable for dialogue from Lara and Jonah, but it happens with all sound. It'll be there briefly and then fade away again or stop completely.

We tried checking the suggestions from https://steamcommunity.com/app/750920/discussions/0/1742220290366680368/ and we tried disabling the Geforce Overlay, but none of that has worked so far. Is anyone else having this problem, or has anyone been able to fix it if they did?

13th Sep 2018, 11:16

Can you supply us with your DXDIAG (Windows Start -> Run -> DXDIAG) along with the game log which is located in your ../Documents/Shadow of the Tomb Raider folder?

13th Sep 2018, 17:41
DxDiag (https://pastebin.com/YZFNwrNs)
Game log (https://pastebin.com/UvGsHEPA)