View Full Version : Shadow of the Tomb Raider ultimate edition no tracking number ID

12th Sep 2018, 19:41
Hello there!

Let's start from the begining I preordered my ultimate edition, then I payed for it and everything ok but on the release week I never received any email with a tracking number I don't even know if my order has shipped yet!
I contacted support center which kindly refered to the store support. I have send several request to the store and they've not answered me. So now I don't know anything about my package.

Do you guys have an advice for me? or maybe someone has had an issue similar to this case?

Please excuse my english it's not my mother's language :'D

14th Sep 2018, 17:38
I bought the digital version off the sqex store and never got an activation code. still haven't. the email support seems to take days to respond. they still haven't after 2 days