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Lara Croft Unlimited
28th Nov 2002, 19:19
Are there any of you who are web site professional on making web sites? Do you have a web site if you are a pro. What I mean pro are: a good web site, popular, etc... You know what I mean, html and stuff.

So if you do, could you be my partner to make a popular cheat code web site. You know cheat and codes for games. Like cheatplanet.com. Cheat web sites become popular easy.

So list yourself with site.

28th Nov 2002, 21:00
this sounds very cool

my site is trclothes - http://www.tombraiderencyclopedia.com/trclothes

it has been relatively popular i guess

i am considering doing some flash courses soon - i would love to help you but at the moment i am studying for uni so my participation wouldnt be a full 100%

tell me what you think i dunno it could be an interesting project!

29th Nov 2002, 03:06
Will it only be cheats and a bunch of ways to get to unexpected placesor just cheats?

Alias 56

Lara Croft Unlimited
29th Nov 2002, 19:00
Here are examples of cheat code web sites:


A cheat web site has cheats for games. Or if there are no cheats for a game. You can put hints. Game shark codes.............. You can put a store, chat, submit a cheat...................